Pay Per Picture: This special offer removes the financial risk of commissioning a new photographer. Instead of a fixed attendance fee, you pay only for the pictures you like and select:

  • 1 to 10 pictures selected = £12 per picture (designed for short commissions, e.g. individual or group portraits) 
  • 11 to 25 pictures selected = £10 per picture (designed for short events, e.g. children parties)
  • 26 plus pictures selected = £8 per picture (designed for longer events lasting up to two hours) 

Fixed Fee: Commissions lasting over two hours are costed individually. Further details, including bespoke packages, are available on request.

All commissions include professionally prepared and edited images, ready for uploading or printing; an Online Gallery to view; and a pre-event consultation. Optional extras include a DVD or memory stick of the best images and printed photographs (prices on request).

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